Hand and machine stretch film

Types of stretch film

Stretch film is a multilayer stretch film produced primarily on the basis of low density polyethylene film. In our offer you will find two types of film: hand and machine stretch film used to secure (wrapping) pallets and small shipments. One of the advantages is the adhesive surface of the film, so you can apply multiple protective layers.This layer can be used as a protection against scratching of the surface or cushioning the impact.This is one of the reasons why it is very readily used for packing shipments, both regular and irregular in shape. Thanks to its low thickness and high strength, it protects and stabilizes the load during transport from damage or possible displacement, as well as moisture, rain and dirt. Stretch film is the most reliable and economical way to pack products. It comes in several color variants, in different widths and thicknesses. Other film stretch variants are also available (from 150 % to 250%). At the customer’s request, we make different weights and thicknesses of the offered product.

OFFER Hand stretch film

folia stretch reczna folrok

Manual stretch film is used for manual wrapping of goods. Available in a variety of optimal exstringe variants. It is great for securing smaller goods. Protects against dust, dust and moisture.

In addition, at the customer’s request, we can make a film with other parameters

Stretch film available in transparent and black

Standard width: 500 mm

Standard thickness: 23 microns

machine stretch film offer

Machine stretch film used to secure and wrap goods with wrapping devices. It is mainly used to protect products on pallets to protect against mechanical damage, moisture or to avoid displacement of the goods.

In addition, at the customer’s request, we can make a film with other parameters.

Available in transparent and black.

Standard width: 500 mm

Standard thickness: 23 microns

Stretch 250 %

folia stretch maszynowa folrok
Depending on the packaging needs, it occurs in the form of a film without the possibility of stretching or in a shrink form. We make roller scales according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, we cordially invite you to our online store.

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