Polyethylene film

Polyethylene film offer

It belongs to some of the more powerful films used to secure the goods during transport.Polyethylene film is an odd film, resistant to cracking at freezing temperatures (-70 degrees), does not contain harmful and toxic substances.Suitable for packaging products with regular and irregular shapes. It is widely used in the packaging of weaves as well as bulk packages (bottles with drinks, cans, jars, cosmetics, zniczów, boxes). Polyethylene film has shrink properties which definitely facilitates the packaging process. It is also used in the food industry, has the necessary approval for contact with food. It is ideal for packaging furniture, horticultural, construction or automotive items. Polyethylene film is pressed under individual customer order. We also help to adjust the appropriate width and thickness according to the customer’s needs. It is possible to choose the form of the film. In our offer, the film comes in three basic forms: the form of a tape, a half-sleeve with the possibility of tabs and a form of sleeve.

Polyethylene film: pouches and advertising

In our assortment you will also find a wide range of foil bags and various types of polyethylene film advertising in many dimensions and thicknesses. Possibility to produce bags and advertisements according to individual customer recommendations. In addition, it is possible to personalize advertising (own logo, contact details). We definitely focus on quality using only good regranulats.


polyethylene film:

folia polietylenowa taśma
folia polietylenowa rękaw folrok

Polyethylene film widths available:

50 mm -2500 mm 

Polyethylene film thicknesses available:

20 microns – 200 microns

Depending on the packaging needs, it occurs in the form of a film without the possibility of stretching or in a shrink form. We make roller scales according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, we cordially invite you to our online store.

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