Polyolefin shrink film offer

Polyolefin is a five-layer durable shrink film that is designed for universal packaging of products with regular and irregular shapes. This film shrinks under the influence of warm air, ensuring a perfectly packaged product. It has a protective function, while preserving the aesthetic qualities of the packaging. It is characterized by high transparency, gloss and excellent shrinkage used at relatively low temperatures.Shrink polyolefin film is an edgy film, which positively affects the comfort of work and the product we pack.The packaged product itself does not take over the taste of the film because the film does not have it.

Shrink polyolefin film is a completely safe product, so it is easily suitable for packaging foods such as bread, confectionery, sweets, fruits and vegetables. It has BRC approval which entitles you to contact with food. Due to its functions, it is also suitable for industrial packaging (stationery, toys, cosmetics, CDs, books or souvenirs). Polyolefin film is the most commonly used film for packaging products and has become a great alternative to washed pvc film.

Polyolefin is an organic film, so it is easy to reprocess. 100% recyclable. During the welding and disposal of the film, no harmful or toxic fumes are emitted into the environment. Polyolefin is a film that is safe for health and the environment.

In our assortment you will find polyolefin film in a variety of widths from 150 mm, and four thicknesses (13 mik, 15 mik, 19 mik and 25 microns). Polyolefin shrink film is also found in two basic forms: center hold and single wound.

In addition, we offer polyolefin film with the possibility of cold microperforation in the form of perforating lines and a film with hot perforation, which is perfectly suitable for packaging hot products, fresh vegetables and fruits or eggs. Thanks to this application, the product does not evaporate and provides excellent air circulation of the packaged product.

Polyolefin film widths available

from 150 mm -1300 mm

Polyolefin film thicknesses available

  • 13 microns
  • 15 microns
  • 19 microns
  • 25 microns

Polyolefin film forms available

Depending on the packaging needs, it occurs in the form of a film without the possibility of stretching or in a shrink form. We make roller scales according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, we cordially invite you to our online store.

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