Teflon tape for the welding machine (width 10 mm)

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Teflon tape for the welding machine, self-adhesive made of glass fiber coated with a layer of PTFE (Teflon). They are used primarily in covering the sealing bars of vacuum chamber packers and manual, foot-mounted strip welding machines.

Length of the piece for sale: 1 meter (100 cm)

Tape width: 10mm

Thickness: 0.13mm (130 microns)

Operating temperature: +15 to +200 degrees C.

Full characteristics in product description.

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Teflon tape for welding machine, the most durable tape on the market, self-adhesive tape made of purified glass fiber coated with a layer of PTFE (Teflon). It is characterized by very high resistance to temperature, chemical properties and corrosion. Teflon tapes are used primarily in covering the sealing bars of vacuum chamber packing machines, manual or foot-mounted strip welding machines. In addition, the tapes guarantee an even temperature distribution, non-stick coating and no burning of the film while using the machine.

Teflon tape for the welding machine, thanks to its plasticity, ensures easy installation over the heating bar and adapting to the surface. On the entire surface, on one side of the tape’s width, there is a strong adhesive for easy self-assembly. Remember to gently remove the previous Teflon tape from the surface so as not to damage the sealing bar underneath it. The advantages of Teflon tape are very high resistance to UV and infrared radiation and the ease of keeping the tape clean. It has very high mechanical resistance to stress, puncture and material fatigue.


Teflon tape working range: from +15 to +200 degrees C.

W tensile strength: 900 – 3650 N per 100 mm.

Additionally, resistance to Ozone, Oxygen, Solar rays and service life – 10 years.

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