Silicon / Silical – silicone oil

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Preparation for plastics and rubber processing. It is used for lubrication, maintenance and insulation of machines in industry. It is characterized by : lubricating, preserving, insulating, penetrating properties. The product is waterproof.

Capacity: 400 ml

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Silicon for machines (silicone oil) – p reparat for plastics and rubber processing.

It is an excellent non-stick separator for coating cold and hot molds. Machine silicon works well in the lubrication of dies in the production of plastic, resin and rubber products. (up to 240 o C). The product does not contain harmful gases and solvents. It also has a PZH certificate for machine maintenance in the food industry and for lubricating molds and dies in the production of food packaging. It is widely used in the lubrication of lines, tendons, plain bearings, ski bindings, locks and threads. It is also perfect for the lubrication of sewing machines, weaving machines, chemically and thermally loaded materials. In addition, the branch in which it is applied is the maintenance of airgun pistons and other mechanisms of sports and firearms.

Characterized by the following properties: lubricating, preserving, penetrating and insulating.

Additionally, the preparation is waterproof, it does not lose its excellent properties at temperatures below 0 o C and above 150 o C. The agent is resistant to oxidation also at higher temperatures.

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