450 mm / 25 micron polypropylene film SINGLE WOUND

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Polypropylene film called cellophane is used in packing food, bakery and confectionery products. It is perfect for packaging flowers, fancy goods and textiles. It works great as a packaging material and in the printing industry – possibility of printing, lamination.

It is characterized by high transparency and transparency, low permeability to water vapor and fragrance.

width: 450 mm = 45 cm

thickness: 25 microns

net weight: 21 kg

form: single wound (see picture)

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Polypropylene film (BOPP) – foil single wound, cellophane wrapping foil,

width: 450 millimeters

thickness: 25 microns

Polypropylene film is characterized by high transparency and transparency, which determines the aesthetics of the final packaging, low water vapor and fragrance permeability. Another advantage of the foil is its high level of mechanical strength. It protects the product against damage and the adverse effects of variable climatic factors, such as moisture.

It is used primarily in the packaging of food products (boxes of tea, coffee), bakery and confectionery products, vegetables and fruit. It is perfect for direct packaging of flowers, fancy goods and textiles. A foil for wrapping gifts is perfect, it will also work well for packing cosmetics, toys and computer products (e.g. compact discs). It is perfect as a packaging material for newspapers and stationery, as well as in the printing industry. There is a possibility of printing as well as lamination. The polypropylene film is also characterized by slip and anti-blocking properties, which allows it to be processed in packaging machines.

Cellophane single wound and packaging film is sold in the form of rolls, made according to individual customer parameters. The product is approved for contact with food. Cellophane foil on a roll, used by many recipients in Poland and Europe.

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