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Prostokątna szczotka wykonana z drutu mosiężnego z twardym włosem w lekkiej, drewnianej oprawie. Dzięki rączce idealnie dopasowuje się do dłoni i pozwala łatwo wyczyścić powierzchnie zgrzewające. Stosowana do serwisu maszyn pakujących, zgrzewarek używających folii do pakowania. Nadaje się do szczotkowania wszystkich rodzajów smarów oraz odnawiania struktury zgrzewu.

Szczotka z drutu mosiężnego- 16 cm

Pełna charakterystyka w opisie produktu.

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A brush for wire machines is an excellent accessory that works well during service and maintenance of packaging machines and various types of welding machines that use foil to pack products. The offered brush will allow you to quickly clean the welding surfaces from foil remnants, welded elements or other welding residues. Additionally, together with the use of appropriate protective preparations (silicones, silical, silicone oil), the machine brush allows for proper cleaning of the weld line.

Suitable for brushing all types of lubricants and renewing the weld structure in machines. The machine brush is a rectangular brush made of an appropriate length of brass wire with hard hair in a light wooden frame. Thanks to the handle, it perfectly fits the hand and allows you to easily clean the sealing surfaces. The advantage of cyclical use of the brush is that the sealing bars are kept in the best condition, which translates into efficiency and lower operating costs. In addition, thanks to the use of these packaging accessories, we extend the service life of machine parts, improve the quality of the weld and improve the product packaging process.

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