PVC film, heat-shrinkable 550 mm / 18 microns HALF-SLEEVE

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The heat-shrinkable foil is characterized by a low sealing temperature and good shrinkage. Used for packing small-sized and low-weight products.

The foil is suitable for packing products with regular and irregular shapes. due to its function it is suitable for industrial packaging (stationery, toys, cosmetics, CDs, board games, books).


Width: 550 millimeters (when unfolded 550mm x 2 = 1100 millimeters )

Thickness: 18 microns

Net weight of the foil: 16.5 kg

Form: HALF SLEEVE (see drawing)

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Heat-shrinkable PVC foil – foil half-sleeve for packaging

widths: 550 millimeters (after unfolding 550 mm x 2 = 1100 mm)

thickness: 18 micron

PVC film for packaging is a heat-shrinkable film with polyvinyl chloride as a base component. PVC heat-shrinkable film is characterized by a low sealing temperature (i.e. it does not require a high shrinking temperature of 80-120 ° C) and very good shrinkage. It is used for packing small-sized and light-weight products. It is used both in the packaging of food products, but where there is no direct contact with food, and in industrial products.

Perfect for packing products with regular and irregular shapes. Due to its function, it is used for packaging, among others, stationery and printing, office products, photo albums, toys, cosmetics, CDs and DVDs, vinyl records, board games, books as well as boxes with cookies or chocolates.

The packaging process is carried out with the use of appropriate packaging machines (mainly bowl, flap and tunnel) and also works well during manual packaging.

The general features of the foil include: very good performance properties, excellent transparency. In addition, it is characterized by very good welding, very good tear strength and low shrink temperature of the film.

Our offer includes both a half-sleeve and a tape.

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Weight 16 kg


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