Polyethylene film (LDPE) is one of the strongest films used to protect goods during transport. Polyethylene foil is an odorless foil, resistant to cracking at freezing temperatures (-70 degrees), does not contain harmful and toxic substances. It is suitable for packing products with regular and irregular shapes.

It is widely used in the packaging of packs as well as collective packages (bottles with drinks, cans, jars, cosmetics, candles, boxes). Polyethylene film (LDPE) has shrink film properties which makes the packaging process much easier. It is also used in the food industry, it has the necessary approval for contact with food. Additionally, it is perfect for packing furniture, gardening, construction or car items.

We press the polyethylene film to the individual customer’s order. We also help to adjust the appropriate width and thickness depending on the customer’s needs. You can choose the form of foil. In our offer, the foil is available in three basic forms: the form of a single wound, a center hold with the possibility of overlaps, and the form of a tunnel foil.

Available film widths: 500 mm – 2500 mm

Available thicknesses: 20 microns – 200 microns

Depending on the packaging needs, it is available in the form of a foil without the possibility of stretching or in a shrink film form.
We make roll weights according to the customer’s wishes.

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